So you've got a nice looking website, now what?!?

We can help you keep it up to date with fresh content, monitor your servers for issues, and evaluate, analyze, and improve your sites performance, freeing you to focus on your business.

Attract and Convert Customers with Effective Content Management

Content drives everything we do; without content, no amount of technical wizardry or stylish graphical elements matters -- it is literally the backbone of every site. That’s why every WGW project starts with a content audit, and why we offer comprehensive ongoing content management services.

One question we see frequently is something like this:

I've got a great looking website, how come it isn't giving me any business?

That's where content comes in. Effective content attracts visitors to return, increases search engine rankings, and encourages users to spread the word about you and your products.

If you aren't creating content, or that content can't be accessed by search robots, it is impossible for your website, regardless of how nice it may look to deliver real results.


Complete Server Management - from Uptime Monitoring to Speed Testing and Search Indexing

Our Management Packages include comprehensive server management - we'll monitor the server(s), measure and produce usage reports, test your site for speed and caching efficiency, and even submit site maps and configure search engine indexing for the most popular search engines.